What’s new in .NET 8

What’s new in .NET 8

The release of .NET 8 heralds a new era in software development, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of the .NET ecosystem. This iteration introduces a plethora of groundbreaking technical enhancements designed to amplify the capabilities of developers and the performance of applications across various domains.

Unprecedented Performance Optimizations

The latest iteration of .NET brings forth several performance optimizations that significantly augment application efficiency and responsiveness:

  • Dynamic Profile-Guided Optimization (PGO): Enabling up to a 20% improvement in application performance through real-world usage-based code optimization.

  • AVX-512 Support: Empowering parallel operations on 512-bit data vectors, ensuring enhanced data processing capabilities and accelerated computational throughput.

  • UTF-8 Formattable and Parsable Interface: Direct UTF-8 formatting and parsing capabilities sans transcoding overhead, fortifying application efficiency and responsiveness.

.NET Aspire: Redefining Cloud-Native Development

.NET Aspire represents a curated collection of components tailored explicitly for cloud-native application development. With an emphasis on resilience, observability, and simplified configuration, it provides:

  • Curated Components: Equipped with enhanced telemetry, resilience, configuration, and health check capabilities by default.

  • Streamlined Local Developer Experience: Simplified acquisition and configuration of essential dependencies for cloud-native applications, facilitating a seamless development journey.

Augmented Container Capabilities in .NET 8

Containerized application deployment is further fortified in .NET 8, ensuring:

  • Enhanced Container Security: Incorporation of non-root users within .NET images, bolstering container security measures.

  • Compact Image Sizes: Faster deployment facilitated by minimized .NET base image sizes, optimizing resource utilization.

Native AoT - Facilitating Compute Efficiency

Compile .NET applications into native code to minimize memory footprint and expedite app initialization:

  • Compiled Native Code: Immediate app startup without JIT compilation overhead, facilitating operation in restricted environments.

Integrating Artificial Intelligence with .NET

Harness the power of generative AI and large language models, seamlessly integrated into .NET 8:

  • Generative AI Integration: Simplified AI integration with first-class out-of-the-box AI features within the .NET SDK.

  • System.Numerics Library Enhancements: Enhanced compatibility with Generative AI workloads, integrating Tensor Primitives.

Advanced Web Application Development with Blazor

Blazor in .NET 8 introduces innovative features for comprehensive web UI development:

  • Blazor Server and Blazor WebAssembly Integration: Full-stack web UI capabilities merging server and client-side functionalities.

  • Robust Authentication and Authorization: Full support for Blazor-based Identity UI, elevating security measures.

.NET MAUI - Unifying Cross-Platform Development

.NET MAUI revolutionizes cross-platform app development, unifying project systems across multiple platforms:

  • Unified Project System: Develop WinUI, Mac Catalyst, iOS, and Android applications from a single codebase.

  • Quality Improvements: Enhanced performance, controls, UI elements, and platform-specific behaviors.

C# 12 Features - Amplifying Developer Productivity

The introduction of C# 12 brings forth a range of productivity enhancements:

  • Primary Constructors: Streamlined class initialization, minimizing boilerplate code.

  • Concise Collection Types: Simplified array and span creation, augmenting code readability.

  • Lambda Expression Parameter Defaults: Improved handling of optional arguments within lambda expressions.

Broader .NET 8 Support Across Development Tools

Visual Studio 2022 17.8 and Visual Studio Code's C# Dev Kit offer extended support for .NET 8, empowering developers with advanced tooling capabilities across diverse development environments.

Additional new features

  • ASP.NET Core: Streamlines identity for single-page applications (SPA) and Blazor providing cookie-based authentication, pre-built APIs, token support, and a new identity UI. Enhances minimal APIs with form-binding, antiforgery support to protect against cross-site request forgery (XSRF/CSRF), and asParameters support for parameter-binding with Open API definitions.

  • ASP.NET Core Tooling: Route syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and analyzers to help you create Web APIs.

  • Entity Framework Core: Provides new “complex types” as value objects, primitive collections, and SQL Server support for hierarchical data.

  • NuGet: Helps you audit your NuGet packages in projects and solutions for any known security vulnerabilities.

  • .NET Runtime: Brings a new AOT compilation mode for WebAssembly (WASM) and Android.

  • .NET SDK: Revitalizes terminal build output and production-ready defaults.

  • WPF: Supports OpenFolderDialog and Enabled HW Acceleration in RDP.

  • ARM64: Significant feature enhancements and improved code quality for ARM64 platforms through collaboration with ARM engineers.

  • Debugging: Displays debug summaries and provides simplified debug proxies for commonly used .NET types.

  • System.Text.Json: Helps populate read-only members, customizes unmapped member handling, and improves Native AOT support.

  • .NET Community Toolkit: Accelerates building .NET libraries and applications while ensuring they are trim and AOT compatible (including the MVVM source generators!)

  • Azure: Supports .NET 8 with Azure’s PaaS services like App Service for Windows and Linux, Static Web Apps, Azure Functions, and Azure Container Apps.

  • F# 8: Includes significant language changes, new diagnostics, improvements in usability, and performance enhancements in project compilation, as well as upgrades to the FSharp.Core standard library.


.NET 8 stands as a testament to continuous innovation, fostering a robust ecosystem for developers to craft high-performance, resilient, and scalable applications across diverse domains. It represents a leap forward in the realm of software development, revolutionizing the way applications are built and optimized.

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